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The whole relationship was like a series of childish games. She was very young an inexperienced, but he was in his thirties.

I expected him to show more maturity. The contract he made her sign was pretty bad and he apologizes and rather insincerely offers marriage when he realizes she's a virgin, but after that it just kind of muddles along.

No real 'big event' to speak of. This could have made for great angst where he had to beg for her forgiveness, but we never really got that. Very anticlimactic. Apr 11, Penny Watson rated it liked it. It was okay, but the daughter protecting her hideous mother and step-father went beyond TSTL Not my favorite. I won't be re-reading this one. Feb 16, Jasbell76 rated it really liked it Shelves: famous-model-heroine , italian-hero , reunited-or-have-history , arrogant-hero , hero-seeks-heroine-as-mistress , heroine-falsely-accused , hero-thinks-heroine-is-dishonest , heroine-blackmailed-to-be-mistress , family-causes-trouble , beautiful-heroine.

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From 1 to 8. View all 3 comments. Jun 02, Azet rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , by-lynne-graham , harlequin-romance , rich-billionare-tycoon , alpha-hero-macho , hot-mindblowing-romance , steamy-romance. With the greed for revenge the irresistibe Italian Tyccon Cristiano Andreotti buys the one and only woman who have ever walked away from him,the former breathtakingly beautiful model Lydia Powell who gets blackmailed by him into being his mistress. From there on we watch their stormy affair turn into something more-as both have to realise the true depth of their feelings.

Mostly because it lacked the high-light angst and intensity as i love in Grahams other works. She easily melted and forgot her so called pride every time he got near her,but well.. The hero too was very possessive of her.. His lean darkly handsome face froze.

One false move of that nature and you're in trouble. There will be no second chances. Don't let me catch you even looking at another guy! Apr 24, Roub rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Aug 31, sbf rated it liked it. This is a pretty lame Lynne Graham. Married to a Mistress is a similar plot line and way way way better. The heroine's evil mother gets her comeuppance in the end. Very satisfying. Dec 05, Su added it. Read this some time back but can't remember much. That means it wasn't memorable. View 1 comment. Mar 18, T rated it it was ok Shelves: harlequin , romance-contemporary , in-my-kindle , owned-books.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Did not work for me, too much melodrama, too much awfulness. Feb 27, Vanessa rated it it was ok Shelves: read-less-thanstars , harlequin-less-thanstars. I must say that revenge was indeed sweet. Sep 19, RomLibrary added it Shelves: favs , v-card , hero-in-pursuit , hero-falls-for-her , jealous-hero , lovers , a-top-vh , she-deceives-him , she-leaves-him , blackmail.

Mother and step dad stole the money. She left him and he want s her back so Bought for his pleasure -- forced to be his bride? She left him and he want s her back so blackmails her. She leaves party with other man to get him to accept she no longer wanted to be with him. He is humiliated and angry because ehe loved her so he wants to get back at her. Jul 27, Tonya Warner rated it really liked it. Lydia Powell knows she will do anything to protect her scheming mother. Taking the blame for stolen money from a charity is just another in event in a long series of disasters to be fall Lydia.

Faced with the possiblity of jail for her mother, she is willing to sacrifice herself to an angry ex-boyfriend, Cristiano Andreotti.

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Cristiano knew in his heart that the lying little tramp was guilty. He knew that she was a tease and now he would finally have her where he wanted her, in his bed Wonderful. He knew that she was a tease and now he would finally have her where he wanted her, in his bed and at his mercy. Finding out she was not as she seemed though, made him wonder swhat else she was hiding, and what else was real versus what he had mistakenly thought. Dec 24, Emma rated it liked it Shelves: lynne-graham.

Actually, I really like Lynne Graham's books since they are not lengthy and can be finished in hrs. Ebooks and Manuals

So far I've read books of hers. I think there is some kind of repetition in all the books of hers. She has to think about changing the style of her writing. The plot of arrogant male and submissive female characters has been repeated in all the books. Nothing refreshing was there in this story. Same old format! Good book It was a really good book but I just didn't like how long it took for them to get over all the misunderstandings. What I really do like is how you keep the main characters in the story together and monogamous throughout the whole book.

It's not an easy thing to do. There are only a handful of authors who can pull it off and you are one of them. Congrats on another good book. I would definitely recommend this book to your readers. Oct 03, Leyns rated it liked it. It was okay. The heroine was an odd mixture - naive to the point of stupidity with her mother yet was able to take a tough stance with the hero, well, occasionally anyway.

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I wish she didn't propose to him! That was annoying. I also wished I'd seen more remorse from him. Overall it was an okay read. Sep 05, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: contemp , bought-coerced-mistress , revenge. Can't help it but I am a sucker for the uber alpha male who believes he knows everything about women. The heroine may have been a little too self-sacrificing and could have stood up for herself a little more but she was gorgeous. I know, everything in this book was cliche but, hey that's what I read them for!

Oct 29, Putri Septiana rated it really liked it Shelves: trouble-in-the-past , harlequin-presents , reviewed. I like this book. My favourite part is when the heroine rifling through hero's pockets to find a hanky. It struck me as funny but at the same time intimate, too.

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You don't go through someone's pockets if you're not really close to them, right? My full review can be read here. Mar 10, Tizah rated it it was amazing Shelves: own. Jan 08, Karen Kepley rated it it was amazing.

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Love this book! I wished it had an audio version. Mar 05, KarenB rated it did not like it Shelves: harlequin , hero-in-pursuit , tstl-h-pissed-me-off , her-iq-is-smaller-than-hershoe-size , uber-immature-heroine. It was soo painfully to read this hp with the moron heroine. Liked it - Cristiano especially. A www That was really sweet. I hesitated to buy this since I hate 'falsely accused ' dramas, but it turned out to be a cuddlefest.

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